It is important to pack a "meet bag" for your child, as they will not be sitting with you, and you will not be able to bring items to them during the meet.  Meets will be much shorter this season, and we won't have nearly as much down time as usual.  Also, with social distancing in place, swimmers shouldn't bring toys or games which require multiple players or involve sharing with friends.


  • NO SHARING WITH OTHER SWIMMERS. Only bring toys and games your swimmer can play by themselves.

  • NO ELECTRONICS for 10 & under swimmers.


  • Books, coloring supplies, etc.


  • Small toys like Polly Pockets or Littlest Petshop. Nothing valuable, as it's easy for things to get lost or stepped on.


  • A towel to sit on


  • Light, healthy snacks. Even thought the meets will be short, it's always fun to have something to eat. Again - no sharing!


  • A big water bottle. Even though we try to keep the kids in the shade, it can get really hot. Our drinking fountain is closed this season, and there will not be a concession stand during the meets. Plenty of water is really important.


  • Cap and goggles. Every once in a while, they'll remember there's actually a meet going on :).