We will be using SignUp Genius to email parents about inclement weather during practice, and we will use Active to email and text weather updates for meets.  

We still swim in the rain!  Unless there is thunder or lightning or heavy rain, practices and meets will go on as scheduled. Cancellations are based on actual storms, not forecasts. When practices are cancelled because of storms, you should receive an email.  Sometimes we are not able to get email alerts out until the last minute, or after the storm has already hit (if the coaches are busy trying to keep current swimmers safe), so please watch the radar and use your own judgement as well.

If there are storms in the forecast at all, we ask that parents wait around during practice to be ready to pick up your child if necessary.  Sometimes, if there is just distant thunder with no lightning or rain, we are able to continue the practice with dryland workouts away from the water.  But usually we will need parents to pick up swimmers ASAP.   We are unable to shelter the entire group in the pool house this season unless it is an emergency (don't worry - we won't leave your child outside in a severe storm!).


Please plan to arrive on time for meets, even if it is raining or there is inclement weather in the forecast, unless we have announced that the meet has been postponed.  Our plan is not to cancel any meets due to weather this season, but we will be unable to delay the Saturday morning meets for inclement weather (because the pool needs to open at noon). These meets will be postponed until Sunday morning. This decision will be made on an individual basis for each age group. We are going to try to swim the Sunday evening meets if at all possible, even if there is a weather delay, but if a postponement is necessary we will plan to swim on Monday evening.

Thunder and Lightning Policies
Garden Hills Pool regulations require that after thunder is heard, everyone must leave the pool for 20 minutes. When the lifeguards on duty hear thunder, a whistle is blown and swimmers are asked to exit the water and remain five feet back from the water for 20 minutes from the last sound of thunder.


When lightning is sighted by the lifeguards, an announcement will be made that everyone must EXIT THE POOL and CLEAR OFF THE ENTIRE POOL AND ALL DECK AREAS for 30 minutes from the last visible lightning strike. When lightning is in the area, the National Weather Service recommends that you go to a safe building or vehicle. Do not shelter under trees. You are not safe anywhere outside during a lightning storm.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during summer storms. Our ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe and happy throughout the swimming season.