Volunteers are critical to running all of our swim meets. It takes over 50 volunteers for a swim meet to run successfully. Timers, judges, announcers, bullpen workers, and ribbon workers are just a few of the positions filled by volunteers. Volunteering is a requirement for our team. We appreciate your time and support in helping the Cool Sharks have a great season!


Here is the volunteer policy for the 2021 Cool Sharks Swim Team

  • Every volunteer job will be worth 1 point.

  • All families are required to earn a minimum of 2 volunteer points for the season (per family not per swimmer).

  • Volunteers must check in at their scheduled time. Late check in requiring replacement of your position will result in a loss of those points.

  • Shift ending times are approximate. First half shifts do not end until all age group backstroke heats are complete. Second half shifts do not end until the meet is over. You must work the entire shift to earn the points.

  • Please be sure to check in at the volunteer table at the meet. Failure to check in could result in points not being assigned. If you are filling in for someone else or an open slot, please be sure the volunteer check-in person records your name and shift taken.


Families who do not meet this requirement will be assessed a $25 per point penalty at the end of the season.

NEW THIS SEASON: All families will be required to earn 2 volunteer points, regardless of meet attendance.

Families will be exempt from the policy if:

- their child has a broken bone or other injury/illness and becomes unable to swim during the season

- their child is a member of the Cool Sharks coaching staff

- the parents have a major illness or injury that prohibits them from volunteering for the season

All exemptions for illness, injury, or other special circumstances must be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator before the end of the season in order to avoid the penalty.

Families with an outstanding (unpaid) volunteer penalty on their account will not be allowed to register the following season until the balance is paid in full.

All volunteer fines which remain unpaid after July 31, 2021 will be subject to a $25 late fee, and those families will lose priority "Returning Family" registration status for the following season.

You can track your volunteer point status throughout the season by logging into the Parent Portal and looking at the VOLUNTEERING section on the right side of the page (please note the points total in the portal is not accurate for the 2021 season due to a system error which adds volunteer points from previous seasons - Active support is working on this issue). Unpaid account balances due to volunteer fines can be found in the same location under PAYMENT NOTIFICATION.


If you have questions regarding our volunteer policy, please e-mail Volunteer Coordinator Kirsten Neufeld at:  swimvolunteer@gardenhillspool.com.