For the 2021 season, we will have Time Trials during practice the week of May 24th-28th.


Time Trials provide an opportunity for swimmers to race for a time before the first meet of the season. They are designed to provide an initial baseline time from which to measure a swimmer's progress throughout the season.  Pre-season baseline times help the coaches plan relays and place swimmers in the proper events and heats for our first meet.  If you are new to swimming, know that swimmer's times are constantly being updated as they improve.  The times earned at Time Trials are just a starting point!


We will be especially focused on getting times for our new swimmers, for our 7 year olds who are now swimming breast and fly, and for our 11 year olds who are now swimming 50 stroke and 100 free.


The coaches will pull times from USA Swimming for year-round swimmers (and for middle and high school swimmers if available).  Swimmers may not submit their own times.  Year-round swimmers are also encouraged to attend Time Trials if possible.


Attendance at Time Trials is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.  The coaches can also use a swimmer's times from last year or swimmers can be seeded with NT ("No Time").