All swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase a team swimsuit to wear for meets.  Swimmers should also wear their Garden Hills swim caps for meets (swim caps will be provided for each swimmer as part of their registration fees).  Swimmers may wear their team suit or a different suit for practice.  Caps are optional for practice but long hair should be tied back and out of your swimmer's face (be sure to have extra hair ties in your bag).  Swimmers should only wear a swim cap during practice if they are able to put in on by themselves or if parents put it on before they enter the pool (in order to social distance, coaches cannot cap the swimmers this season, and their friends can't help them either).  All swimmers should wear googles for both practice and meets.

Swim Atlanta will again be providing our team swimsuits. We will have two swimsuit fittings at Garden Hills Pool: on Sat. 5/1 8:30 am - 11:30 am and on Thurs. 5/6 4:30 - 7:00 pm (rain or shine), where you will be able to try on and purchase your suit and take it home with you.  There will also be goggles and other items for sale at the fittings and on our team page online.  If you are unable to attend one of the fittings, you may place an order online with Swim Atlanta. All orders placed online before May 6 will be brought to the fittings to be handed out.  All orders placed after May 6 will be shipped directly to your home (shipping charges will apply). If you have any questions you can contact Trey at (323) 251-9900 or email

THE CUTOFF FOR ONLINE ORDERS IS MAY 18 in order to be delivered by the first meet (June 1st). UPDATE - ONLINE ORDERING IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE 2021 SUMMER TEAM SEASON.  If you still need a suit, please check Amazon or Swim Outlet.

Our team swimsuit is the TYR Phoenix (color - black/blue). This is the same suit we have used in previous years (if your old suit still fits you don't need to buy a new one). The price is $56.25 for female suits and $30-$37.50 for male suits.  There are two styles for girls - Diamondfit (thin straps) and Maxfit (thick straps). Which style you choose is a matter of personal preference. Younger girls tend to prefer the thicker straps and older girls usually like the thinner straps.  There are also two styles for boys - Jammer (long legs) and Racer (no legs). Most boys prefer the jammer.

Swim Atlanta team page (for online ordering of suits, goggles, and other equipment):  

If you have any questions you can contact Trey at (323) 251-9900 or email