CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  Registration will open March 1st for returning families and March 15th for new families.


-Swimmers must be 5 years old by 5/31/2020. 

-All new swimmers (8 & under) must attend a swim evaluation and be able to swim 25 yards across the deep end of the pool without assistance. Evaluations will be held TBD at Garden Hills Pool. You may come to any of the scheduled dates (no appointment is needed). Please click here for more information about our new swimmer evaluation. Please do not wait until after the evaluation to register your child! If you child does not pass, your registration will be refunded, but if you wait, registration will likely be full.

-All families are required to volunteer (click here for volunteer policy).

-Families with an outstanding balance on their account from a previous season will not be allowed to register until the balance is paid in full.

-Swimmers do not need to be a member of the Garden Hills pool in order to participate.


Registration Dates:

3/1 - 4/15 (or until groups are full) for returning families (registration link will be emailed on 3/1)

3/15 - 4/15 (or until groups are full) for new families (registration link will be posted on the website on 3/15)

REVISED: Registration will remain open until 5/15

Program Dates:

5/2 - 6/27 

REVISED: 6/15-8/1

Practice Schedule:

Click HERE

REVISED: Practice schedules and signups are being emailed to participants. Please let us know if you aren't receiving them.

Fee Structure for the 2020 Summer Season:

  • $175 per swimmer ages 5-12; $100 per swimmer ages 13-18

  • $28 per swimmer ASA (Atlanta Swimming Association) registration fee - this fee increases to $43 on 4/15

*Registration fees include a personalized silicone Garden Hills swim cap, t-shirt, drawstring meet bag, and a team bag tag.

REVISED: ASA fee will remain $28 after 4/15


Late Registration:

Late registration may be offered on a space-available basis after 4/15. Some age groups may close early if full (we expect the 6&u and 7-8 groups to close before 4/15).

  • $25 per swimmer late fee (in addition to regular fees above)

*Late Registration will include a non-personalized silicone Garden Hills swim cap only (no t-shirt, meet bag, or bag tag)

REVISED: Late registration rules no longer apply - regular registration has been extended until 5/15

Wait List:

If you would like to join the wait list, please register as usual for the group you would like.  Your name will be added to the wait list in the order in which you register.  Payment information will be collected, but your card will not be charged until you are placed an opening.  If you register for the wait list and would later like your name removed (which you may do without penalty at any time before being placed in an opening), please email your request to  Once your child has been placed in an opening and your card has been charged, you will be subject to the refund policy below. Be sure to attend a new swimmer evaluation by 4/18 to be eligible for placement on the team.


-Partial refunds of $125 ($50 for swimmers 13-18) will be given through the first week of practice (until 5/9).

-Partial refunds of $50 will be given before the first meet (5/26). 

-ASA registration fees will be refunded in full before the first meet (5/26). 

-Children who do not pass the swim test by the last evaluation (4/18) will have their registration automatically cancelled and receive a full refund. 

-No refunds will be given after 5/26.

REVISED 2020 REFUND POLICY: Until plans are finalized for the season, full refunds will be given to any swimmer who requests one. Once season plans are announced, all families will be provided an opportunity to opt out and receive a full refund before the season begins. We will continue to give partial refunds after the start of the season on a case-by-case basis.



It is extremely important that the same Active account/primary email be used every season when registering for Garden Hills swim programs. This is how you will know you are using the correct account: when registering, the very first question should be "Who are you registering?" and your child's actual name should be one of the options available (with all swimmer information auto-populated). If their name is not listed as an option, and you select the "your child" option and manually fill in their information, you have just created a new account. Only new swimmers who have never participated in a Garden Hills swim program should use this option.  If your child's name is listed but followed by DONOTUSE, this means you are using a duplicate account which is not attached to your swimmer. Please DO NOT use this account!! Log out and back in using the correct account (let us know if you need help with this!). USING A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT OR CREATING A NEW ACCOUNT CAN RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR CHILD'S SWIM HISTORY INCLUDING ALL PREVIOUS TIMES, ISSUES WITH RECEIVING CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEER SHIFTS, AND OTHER ACCOUNT PROBLEMS. There is currently no way to merge duplicate swimmer accounts in the Active system. If you would like to change your account/primary email, just email us and we can do that for you.


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