1. Contact the coach of your choice to request to schedule a lesson or lessons.  Click HERE for coach information.  You and the coach will determine a date and time for the lesson.  

2. Arrive for your lesson approx. 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time. Alert the front desk attendant that you are at the pool for a swim lesson. You do not need to pay for pool entry unless you plan to stay before or after the lesson to swim, or if siblings plan to swim during the lesson.

3. Pay for your lesson via Venmo. We are only accepting payment through our Cool Sharks Venmo: @coolsharksswimteam1. You must have a Venmo account set up in order to purchase lessons. Coaches are not allowed to accept cash, checks, or direct payment of any kind. Please put the coach name, swimmer name, and date of lesson in the memo. And please be prepared to show the coach proof of payment at the start of the lesson.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies:

  • Please contact the coach to request a cancellation or to arrange a rescheduled lesson time. 

  • Lessons may be rescheduled at the discretion of the coach or processed as cancellations.

  • Please do not cancel within 4 hours and please be respectful of the coach's time by not being a No Show. Parents who abuse this policy will be banned from scheduling lessons in the future.

  • Lessons will only be cancelled/rescheduled for weather if the pool is closed (thunder/lightning/heavy rain).  Please plan to arrive for your lesson as scheduled unless you have made other arrangements with the coach.  In case of weather-related pool closing, lessons not yet started or less than half finished will be rescheduled with no charge.  If the lesson is more than half finished, the lesson will be considered completed (coaches can offer to reschedule at their discretion).  No refunds will be given.