Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Shark Pups be allowed to move up to the Cool Sharks during the season?


A. Only Shark Pups in Session 1 who are determined to be ready by the instructor may join the Cool Sharks this season (they must also pass a new swimmer evaluation and be 5 years old by May 31st).  Shark Pups in Sessions 2, 3, and 4 should plan to finish out the season on the junior team and swim in the Mini-Meets.  Shark Pups who are ready will be encouraged to join the Cool Sharks Fall Team this year or the Summer Team next year.

Q. Can my swimmer attend practice at a different time within our session?


A. No. All Shark Pups must attend the time group session for which they are registered. This is important in order to maintain our coach to swimmer ratio.

Q. Does my swimmer need to attend all the practices in his/her session?


A. No. Swimmers may attend as many or as few practices as they like. Although to enjoy the full benefits of the program, we recommend attending as often as possible!

Q. What if my swimmer needs to miss a practice? Is there a make-up policy?


A. It is fine if a swimmer misses a practice. There is no need to do anything if this happens. However we do not offer a make-up policy. Swimmers may not attend a different practice group and there will be no prorating of fees.

Q. Should I stay to watch practice?

A. Parents are welcome to stay and watch practice. We ask that you sit back away from the pool.  Please do not linger near the pool area or try to talk with the coaches or your swimmer during practice.  It is very important that the coaches are able to focus on the swimmers (and the swimmers on the coaches) without distractions.  Some parents find it is actually easier for their children if they leave (out of sight out of mind) - you may want to hang out outside the pool by the playground until your child is finished.  

Q. Is the pool open during Shark Pups practice?

A. No. Because the pool is closed, siblings are NOT allowed in the pool and must stay 5 feet away from the edge of the pool at all times. Swimmers who are attending a practice session are only allowed in the area of the pool which is supervised by the coaches.  Also, because there is no pool staff on duty, we ask that parents please pick up after themselves when they leave (close umbrellas, move furniture back, etc.).

Q. What equipment/swimsuit do I need?

A. Swimmers can wear any appropriate swimsuit for practice and for the mini meet (no bikinis or baggy swim trunks please).  Swim caps are optional and not necessary for this age.  Just be sure long hair is pulled back and out of your swimmer's face.  All swimmers should start getting used to wearing goggles.  A well-fitted, comfortable, child-sized pair of goggles is important for a child starting swim team. TYR Swimple and Speedo Hydrospex are good brands for this age. They can be found locally at Dick's Sporting Goods or online at Amazon or purchased online through our team swimsuit vendor:  We also have Shark Pups t-shirts available for purchase.

Q. Will practice be cancelled if it's raining? How will I know if practice is cancelled?

A. We will still swim in the rain! Unless there is thunder or lightning or heavy rain at the pool, practices will go on as usual. If practice is canceled, you will receive a text and/or email. Click here to see our full weather policy.


Q. Is there a volunteer requirement for the Shark Pups?

A. There is no volunteer requirement, but we will welcome help on the morning of the Mini Meet! 

Q. How do I sign up for the Mini Meet?

A. We will send an invitation to RSVP before the event.

Q. If my child only participated in the April or May sessions, not June or July, can we still participate in the Mini Meets?

A. Yes! Swimmers may attend the Mini Meets for a session other than the one they attended. Invitations to RSVP will be sent to all Shark Pups regardless of session, but first priority will be given to swimmers enrolled in that session

Q. How do I change my account information (email, phone number, etc.)?


A. Log in to the parent portal from the website. On the home page (VIEW PROGRAMS), click on the program in which your child is registered (ie "Session 1: 5:00-5:30 pm"). This will display all the information you entered when registering your child. Most fields can be edited here. If the field you wish to change cannot be edited, please contact and we can change it for you. If you have more than one child, please be sure to make any changes in each account.

Q. Who do I contact with questions, concerns, or suggestions?


A. Please email