Signup deadlines are 12:00 noon the Thursday before each meet.  You will not be able to enter your swimmer or make changes after this deadline.  The coaches may be able to get your swimmer in the meet after the deadline, but you will not be able to request events (they will just put your swimmer in an empty lane where available) and your swimmer will not be placed on a relay. 


Please sign up as early as you can - we recommend signing up for all meets at the beginning of the season. You can always go back in and edit if your plans change any time before the deadlines.  It is important to sign-up for every meet, whether your child will attend or not (just indicate "not attending" if your child won't be there).  Knowing that a child will NOT be there is just as important as knowing that they will. This year it is especially important that we get numbers for our meets as early as possible to help our host teams plan during COVID. Please sign up early!

Meet sign-ups will be open a few weeks before the first meet.  An email notification about meet entries will be sent by the Active system to all primary parents, one for each athlete for each meet.  The email notification will contain a link to your parent portal.  You can also access the portal from the "Parent Portal" button at the top of this website.  You will use the same login credentials you used for registration.

Once in the portal, select the VIEW MEETS tab.  Select the meet you wish to sign up for.  


For each child, select "Attending" or "Not attending".

If "Attending" is selected, a list of eligible events will appear.  You may select up to two individual event preferences by checking the box next to the event.  This does NOT mean your child will be placed in those events.  This is simply a way for you to indicate which events your child would LIKE to swim.  Please understand that the coaches will make the final decision about event selection for your child - a lot of factors go into this decision - you are merely indicating a preference if your child has one.  If your child does not have a preference, simply leave the event selections blank and the coaches will place your child in the appropriate events.  

Be sure to click the "Save" button when you are finished! 

A note about entry times: in the list of eligible events you will see seed times listed for each of your swimmer's events.  If a swimmer does not yet have a time in an event you will see "NT" for "No Time".  Seed times will be updated with year round and time trials times before the first meet.  Also times will be updated before each meet with results from the previous meet so they will likely change throughout the season.  Signing up for events early in the season will not affect the updating of times.  The coaches will use a swimmer's most recent and fastest times when creating the entries for a meet. 

If your child may be late for the meet or may need to leave early, please send an email (before the signup deadline if possible) with the subject "MEET ATTENDANCE" to to let the coaches know about your situation (so they can be sure to only schedule events when your child will be there).  This is also important so that the coaches do not place your child in a relay which they might miss. Missing a relay means that 3 other swimmers could also miss their chance to swim.

Once the meet entry period has ended, the meet status will be changed from "In Progress" to "Closed" in the Parent Portal. No entries or edits will be possible after this point.