Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up for the meet?

A. Please see MEET SIGNUP under the MEET INFO tab, or click here.

Q. How do I sign up for a volunteer job?

A. After you have logged into the parent portal, select the VIEW PROGRAMS tab (this is also the home page).  On the right side about half-way down you will see a "Volunteering" section.  Under "Select an event to volunteer for" you will see a list of meets - click on a meet to bring up the volunteer registration page for that meet.  Select the job you wish to volunteer for.  After you have selected a job, click the REGISTER NOW button.  This will take you to the registration form, which will auto-populate if you are signing up yourself.  If you are signing up someone else, such as your spouse, you will need to enter the correct information.  You will then agree to the waiver (sorry - they make you sign this for everything!) and click REVIEW.  You can then add another job for that meet, or you can click the CONFIRM AND SUBMIT button.  You will receive an email confirmation for your signup. 



Q. How do I change/view/cancel my volunteer signup?


A. Log in to the parent portal. At the very top click on SCHEDULE. This will show every volunteer job for which you are signed up. There is a box you can click to remove yourself from the job. To switch, simply remove yourself from the job you no longer want and then sign up the regular way for an available job.



Q. How do I change my account information (email, phone number, etc.)?


A. Log in to the parent portal. On the home page (VIEW PROGRAMS), click on the program in which your child is entered (ie "6 & Under" or "9-10"). This will display all the information you entered when registering your child. Most fields can be edited here. If the field you wish to change cannot be edited, please contact and we can change it for you. If you have more than one child, please be sure to make any changes in each account.



Q. What should I do if I am going to be late to (or need to leave early from) the meet? 


A. Send an email to Coach MJ at with "End-of-Season Meet" as the subject. Please do this as soon as you possibly can and try to avoid waiting until the day of the meet. If communicated early enough, MJ can adjust your swimmer's entries so he/she won't miss their events. 


Q. What equipment/swimsuit do I need?

A. Swimmers can wear any appropriate swimsuit for practice (no bikinis or super baggy swim trunks).  Our team swimsuit is the TYR Phoenix (color: black/blue) - it can be ordered online from Amazon or, or purchased from our Cool Sharks swimsuit vendor (see information here).  For fall league a team suit is optional for meets but not necessary - feel free to wear any solid black or black & blue suit, or a suit of your choice.  Swim caps are optional during practice but encouraged for meets. We will have Cool Sharks caps available at the meets for new swimmers.  All swimmers should wear goggles for practices and meets.

Q. Will practice be cancelled if it's raining? How will I know if practice is cancelled?

A. We will still swim in the rain! Unless there is thunder or lightning or heavy rain at the pool, practices will go on as usual. If practice is canceled, you will receive a text and/or email. Click here to see our full weather policy.

Q. What time should I arrive for the meet?

A. Swimmers and volunteers should arrive by 7:45 a.m.


Q. Where do I go to check in for the meet?


A. Swimmers should go directly to their bullpens where a bullpen parent will check them in.  If a parent is volunteering they should check in at the volunteer table. 

Q. What happens after the meet?

A. Results will be posted a day or two after the meet.  Please see RESULTS under the MEET INFO tab, or click here.  Ribbons will be available shortly after the meet - they will be in your file folder at the top of the stairs in the pool house.  Every swimmer should have a ribbon for every event.  Please email if you are missing any ribbons.

Q. Who do I contact with questions or comments?


A. To discuss your child's swimming, or for questions about swimmer times or meet entries, please contact Coach PJ at  For general questions about the program, meets, registration, assistance with the parent portal, etc., please email