Head Coaches:


Patrick "PJ" Jones


Coach PJ grew up in the Sandy Springs area and began his swimming career at Ansley Golf Club. Unable to throw, catch, or hit a ball, PJ quickly learned swimming was the sport for him!  Aging out of the country-club league led the Joneses into the ASA league. His family was fortunate to be the first generation of coaches/ swimmers at the newly incepted Chastain Park Athletic Club. After hopping around swim programs PJ and his family bit the bullet and sent him to boarding school to pursue swimming more seriously. PJ found great success at the Baylor School. He became a three-time All-American swimmer and attributes most of his coaching technique and style to the Baylor School’s program. When coaching, PJ’s catchphrase is “Beautiful and Easy swimming” because he believes speed will follow when the technique is right.


PJ has spent 6 years in the Atlanta swim industry working for Lifetime Fitness, Swim Revolution, and other smaller swim programs. PJ is currently a freelance transcriber and teaches swim lessons at a local athletic club. In his free time, he enjoys caring for his collection of orchids, watching The Pioneer Woman, and spending time with his cats and family.

Michael "Mike" Mahroum

Coach Mike is the Assistant Coach at Swim Atlanta Georgia Tech, entering his 5th season with the team. With six years of coaching experience, Mike has helped swimmers reach their goals at the State and National levels. He is also a coach on the 2021 Age Group/Senior Zones Team. Mike has previously coached for the Athens Bulldogs Swim Club and West Hall High School Swim Team. Coach Mike now attends Kennesaw State University, where he is majoring in sports management and wants to pursue a career in coaching.


Brad Hodges 

Assistant Coaches: