Meets are long, lasting several hours. It is important to pack a "meet bag" for your child, as they will not be sitting with you. Children love the independence of sitting with their friends and the social time, so make it fun!


  • Games (cards, Pokemon, etc.). It's easier to make new friends if you have a game that needs more than one player.  NO ELECTRONICS for 10 & under swimmers.


  • Books, coloring supplies, etc.


  • Small toys like Polly Pockets or Littlest Petshop. Nothing valuable, as it's easy for things to get lost or stepped on.


  • A towel to sit on


  • Healthy snacks. It is easier for the kids to graze between events during the meet rather than find time to sit down to a full dinner. So pack small bite-sized items, such as grapes and pretzels or a peanut butter sandwich cut into quarters.


  • A big water bottle. Even though we try to keep the kids in the shade, it can get really hot. Not every pool has a drinking fountain, and lines can be long for concessions. Plenty of water is really important.


  • Cap and goggles. Every once in a while, they'll remember there's actually a meet going on :).