We will be using our email and text message system to inform parents about inclement weather during practice times and meets.  Our text system is often unreliable, so please be sure to check both during inclement weather. 

We still swim in the rain!  Unless there is thunder or lightning or heavy rain, practices and meets will go on as scheduled.  When practices are cancelled because of storms, you will receive an email and/or text message.  Cancellations are based on actual storms, not forecasts. Meets are rarely cancelled - usually there is just a delay until the storm passes, and you will also be alerted via text or email to any weather-related delays at meets.

During home meets, we will use the Garden Hills Rec Center if needed during storms. The rec center is located behind the playground (across the creek in the woods). Please do not try to shelter in the pool house during a swim meet.

Thunder and Lightning Policies
Garden Hills Pool regulations require that after thunder is heard, everyone must leave the pool for 20 minutes. When the lifeguards on duty hear thunder, a whistle is blown and swimmers are asked to exit the water and remain five feet back from the water for 20 minutes from the last sound of thunder.


When lightning is sighted by the lifeguards, an announcement will be made that everyone must EXIT THE POOL and CLEAR OFF THE ENTIRE POOL AND ALL DECK AREAS for 30 minutes from the last visible lightning strike. When lightning is in the area, the National Weather Service recommends that you go to a safe building or vehicle. Do not shelter under trees. You are not safe anywhere outside during a lightning storm.

Thunder and lightning rules may vary when the meet is hosted at another pool. We will follow the home pool's rules regarding weather safety.


We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during summer storms. Our ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe and happy throughout the swimming season.