Stroke Clinic provides an opportunity for non-year-round swimmers of all ages to get back in shape for the upcoming swim season. Swimmers can improve their stroke technique and get a jump-start on their summer training. This is not a beginner program for new swimmers - all swimmers should either be returning Cool Sharks swim team members or be confident swimmers able to pass a swim evaluation (see requirements below) on the first day of practice. Practices will take place in the deep end of the pool. There are 5 practices per week - come to as many or as few as you like. Swimmers do not need to be a member of the Garden Hills pool or the Cool Sharks summer swim team in order to participate. 

BACK AGAIN - our "Welcome to Swim Team" group! This Stroke Clinic group is designed for 5-8 year olds who have never participated on a swim team and who may need a few weeks of preparation in the water in order to be ready for our Cool Sharks Summer Team. These swimmers will not have to pass our regular Stroke Clinic swim evaluation but need to be able to swim independently across the shallow end of the pool (any style) and be unafraid to put their face in the water. They will be evaluated over the course of the clinic and the coaches will determine at the end if they are ready for summer swim team (swimmers who are not ready will be given refunds for their summer team registration). Practice will take place in both the deep end and the shallow end of the pool. 



Swimmers must be 5 years old by 5/31/2020 and MUST be able to swim across the deep end of the pool on their front using both arms and legs, without stopping or holding on to the lane rope  (unless registered for the "Welcome to Swim Team" group).

Registration Dates:

3/1 - 4/17

Program Dates:

4/12 - 4/29

Practice Schedule:

Click HERE


$125 per swimmer

Wait List:

If you would like to join the wait list, please register as usual for the group you would like.  Your name will be added to the wait list in the order in which you register.  Payment information will be collected, but your card will not be charged until you are placed an opening.  If you register for the wait list and would later like your name removed (which you may do without penalty at any time before being placed in an opening), please email your request to coolsharks@gardenhillspool.com.  Once your child has been placed in an opening and your card has been charged, you will be subject to the refund policy below. 



  • Partial refunds of $100 will be given through the first week of practice (until 4/17).

  • Full refunds will be given to any swimmer who is determined by the coach to not yet be ready for the program.

  • No refunds will be given after 4/17.



It is extremely important that the same Active account/primary email be used every season when registering for Garden Hills swim programs. This is how you will know you are using the correct account: when registering, the very first question should be "Who are you registering?" and your child's actual name should be one of the options available (with all swimmer information auto-populated). If their name is not listed as an option, and you select the "your child" option and manually fill in their information, you have just created a new account. Only new swimmers who have never participated in a Garden Hills swim program should use this option.  If your child's name is listed but followed by DONOTUSE, this means you are using a duplicate account which is not attached to your swimmer. Please DO NOT use this account!! Log out and back in using the correct account (let us know if you need help with this!). USING A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT OR CREATING A NEW ACCOUNT CAN RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR CHILD'S SWIM HISTORY INCLUDING ALL PREVIOUS TIMES, ISSUES WITH RECEIVING CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEER SHIFTS, AND OTHER ACCOUNT PROBLEMS. There is currently no way to merge duplicate swimmer accounts in the Active system. If you would like to change your account/primary email, just email us and we can do that for you.