Arrival times will be critically important this season.  Please arrive early and line up outside the gate  (be sure to maintain a 6' distance between swimmers).  Coaches will meet your swimmers at the gate, check them in, and direct them where to go.  If we can get you in early we will (this is especially important for 7-8 and 9-10 - we would love to be able to start your meets early if possible).  We need time for everyone to be checked in and marked up, and for swimmers to get settled in their bullpens before warm-ups begin.  We have a very tight timeline on Saturday mornings before the pool opens at noon, so we will need to make the transitions between meets as quick and efficient as possible. 

6&u arrive 7:45 am (Saturday)

7-8 arrive 8:45 am (Saturday)

9-10 arrive 10:15 am (Saturday)

11&o arrive 7:15 pm (Sunday)